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Future Life supplies heating, cooling and hot water systems for buildings. We design our products so they consume the least amount of energy while maintaining the highest amount of comfort. Working directly with building owners, Developers, Architects, Consultants, Contractors, we design and deliver sustainable solutions for large commercial projects through to individual homes.

Future Life actively seeks out new technology that allows buildings to become carbon neutral and we aspire to provide solutions so we become carbon positive.

Working with our widely experienced team guarantees a professional and cost effective approach to projects, while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability and a reduction in our environmental footprint.

Our Sustainable Promise

Future Life believes that the production of electricity will become 100% sustainable and our use of fossil fuels will eventually disappear. This belief is not an idealistic vision as we already produced 21.5% of our electricity in 2020 from renewable energy. We must therefore challenge each other to use products that consume electricity rather than fossil fuels. However, we will still have a duty to consume electricity sparingly by using products such as heat pumps which are on average 400% efficient.

And it’s not just our goal. The UK government has set a net zero target by 2050, the automotive industry will be forced to only sell hybrid and electric vehicles by 2030 and plans to drive down the cost of low carbon heating technologies like heat pumps.

Our first goal is to make renewable heating a cost effective option for all homes through smart energy storage, intelligent control systems and cutting edge heat pump technology.

Our long term commitment is to work towards a carbon neutral world without compromising our time, comfort or pleasure.

A shared goal

With a vision of a sustainable future we believe our ability to come together is paramount. As such we have partnered with a wide range of businesses to ensure we can deliver on our promise at every step.

We are a proud Samsung partner which enables us to work with a trusted, household brand that invests billions of dollars every year in new technology including renewables.

We supply products from World Heat who are a british manufacturer that source many of their materials locally to reduce their products carbon footprint.

We work with Southern Grove, a property developer, who deliver distinguished developments that prioritise sustainability while providing exemplary returns to their investors.

Hii-LIFE and Future Life have a partnership to supply and deliver the full Samsung portfolio to consumers and into all commercial sectors. We are proud to be the only company in the UK with this partnership.

As part of our commitment to sustainability our list of partners continue to grow as we accommodate for the best in class services and hardware.

Meet the team

Our team of professionals have a wide breadth of experience across many different verticals. Giving you the peace of mind that your project is in safe hands.

Charles McAlpine

Managing Director

Charles has been working in the air conditioning industry for over 20 years, starting work in the family business. Eventually moving onto larger brands such as Hitachi and Samsung where he was the General manager for UK&I.

Charles has also worked in Barcelona and South Korea with the members of R&D overseeing the development of heat pump products and the more established markets they served such as France and Japan.

Dave Ludman

Digital Director

A forward thinking Digital Director who is applying our sustainable commitment to our day to day business practices, ensuring that our digital footprint is considerate of both our customers and the environment.

With over 20 years experience in the digital technical space Dave brings wealth of knowledge to our cutting edge projects and processes.

Andrew Southern


From a customer to an investor Andrew Southern is Chairman of Future Life and the Southern Grove Group of Companies.

Andrew founded Southern Grove in 2013 and specialises in large regeneration and mixed use schemes where he has overseen planning and construction of in excess of £1bn in student, hospitality and residential property.

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